The team at RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is an industry leader in the provision of Event Management, Safety, Medical, Fire, Rescue, Extrication, Trackside and Incident Response services to all forms of Motorsport events and Manufacturer activations for launch and drive programs.

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is unique as it offers the most comprehensive range of equipment and people to run safe and successful events with a trained team specific to the Motorsport and Automotive Industry. RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport will work with promoters to design a customised event package to cater for their event needs using one or all of the services provided by RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport to perfectly match individual event needs.


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Incident Response Covers More Than Medical

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is an Incident Response Team that seeks to maximise track time and value for competitors whilst providing the best patient care. The difference with Incident Response means that RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport Medical Intervention Vehicles (MIV’s) not only meet the medical requirements for the event but also carry additional equipment for fire, access and rescue, towing and clean up


Highly Experienced And Trained Specialists

One of the greatest strengths of RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is that all team members are passionate and committed to making the event successful and maximise the satisfaction of the promoter, manufacturers, spectators and competitors at all events. Team members regularly engage in training from the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport internal training package as well as additional training and familiarisation at events. There is a whole team approach to seeking continual improvement of services provided.

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Industry Leaders In Equipment And Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport offers team members the most comprehensive equipment used for first response and extrication. All team members must have the skills and equipment to deal with motorsport specific track craft for tarmac or dirt events, patient extrication and rescue, basic and advanced life support as well as fire and associated motorsport scene hazards. If you take a closer look you will notice there are clear differences between RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport and other event providers.


Exceptional Level Of Service

The team at RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is committed to providing an exceptional level of service. This includes a professional and corporate image with the experience of the client or competitor a priority along with providing a positive and safe event environment.

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Ongoing Commitment To Training

RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport is the only medical team the has a custom Training package designed and implemented specifically for all team members, featuring Training Sessions covering 15 Learning Outcomes and 5 sign off areas so that All Team members have the required skills to deal with motorsport specific track craft for Tarmac or dirt, extrication and rescue. All team members participate in this comprehensive training that includes safe helmet and HANS/Leatt head and neck restraint removal, patient extrication and trackside safety. Monthly team and training nights ensure competence with the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport medical equipment and a team approach to patient care, particularly at the scene of an incident.

Funds received by RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport for event services are used to pay registration, Medical Indemnity and Public Liability insurances, medical supplies and consumables, de-fibrillator and rescue equipment calibration & testing as well as equipment upgrades & improvements for medical, trackside and vehicle equipment as well as training events and activities. In addition volunteer team members have their accommodation and meals covered as well as any flights for interstate events.


Speak to our team at RACESOLUTIONS MOTORSPORT to discuss what we can offer during your next event